Requirements for the leasee:
The leasee is to present a valid driving license with at least 3 years driving experience prior to the signing of the lease contract. Without these requirements, he has to pay a double deposit and a young driver’s fee (as well as possible limitation at the discretion of the lessor). Additional documents required for: ID card or international passport.

Method of payment:
The amount due may be paid in cash, wired bank transfer, both credit and debit cards. A deposit is also required, the size of which depends on the class of the vehicle.
It is 100% reserved when it is confirmed by phone and 25 euro deposit are paid.

Lease period
The minimum rent period is 72 hours. In the event of a delay of returning of the vehicle after the lease expires without additional notice by the lessor, the leasee is charged as follows: up to 1 hour free of charge; up to 4 hours – fee equal to one day’s lease; 6 to 8 hours – fee equal to two day’s lease, over 8 hours – fee equal to three day’s lease.

Renting a vehicle outside of office hours
If you rent or return a vehicle outside working hours, a preliminary arrangement with our team is to be made and additional charges apply.

Service ,,Full cover”
Additional service at additional cost and offers the following benefits:
• Return of the deposit in the event of an accident;
• A replacement car;
• Free roadside assistance;
• Paint and wheel rims damage;
• Responsibility free for the leasee after providing a police report.

The leasee is to return the car with the exact amount of fuel described in the submission protocol.